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My TOP 5 Summer Nail Shades!

I’m pretty sure I say this for just about every season, but oh hot damn the nail polish options in Summer are absolutely killer. Though I personally tend to gravitate more towards neutrals and nudes, there’s something about the Summer sun that puts a spell over even me and persuades us to bust out the hot pinks, crazy blues, and mega sparkles. If you’re interested in checking out what shades I have selected as my Summer holy grails, just keep on reading… Advertisements

My TOP 5 Spring Nail Shades!

  1.Wet ‘n Wild “Wear Skinny Jeans”: Wet ‘n Wild “Wear Skinny Jeans” is an absolutely perfect periwinkle that adds an instant feel of Spring to any look. This is a very pigmented polish that applies evenly and beautifully with two quick coats. I’m a sucker for pastels in the Spring time and this shade makes me feel things I’ve never felt before.   2. Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet”: Going along with the whole pastel thing, one of my all time favorites for this time of the year is Sally Hansen’s Mint Sorbet. To be honest, I don’t really know what to say about this shade due to the fact that the name literally speaks for itself. This is the definition of a minty, pastel green and, by the by, is the most wearable green polish you will ever find. Like… ever.   3. Essie “Resort Fling”: Does this scream spring or what? Essie “Resort Fling” is an absolutely stunning peachy, coral shade that will instantly transport you to a beautiful beach land far far …

My TOP 5 Nude Nails!

Ahhhh nudes. My favorite thing to look at. Nude polishes that is. Seriously though, I don’t think anybody can or should deny themselves the feeling of owning a slew of perfectly neutral polishes. With two quick coats, a nude nail polish can instantly make you feel mature, sleek, and hella stylish. Because we all need a good neutral in our lives, I’ve come up with a list of my TOP 5 all time favorite nude polishes! These can be worn any time of the year, to any event, and at any age. So if you’re interested in what I consider to be the best of the best, timeless shades, then just keep reading…

Nailed it: Top 5 Winter Nail Shades

Ahh Winter. A time for family, friends, and our favorite glitzy glam seasonal nail polish. This time of the year always offers the perfect opportunity for playing around with fun and exciting polish shades, and let me tell you- that’s just what I do. Check out my Winter Nail Favorites!

The Best Fall Nail Polish

It’s that time of year again! I REPEAT: IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! And by that, I mean it’s time to break open the dark and warm nail polishes! I love me a good neutral fall nail (with the occasional hint of pizazz) and I know tons of other people do as well. So if you’re interested in seeing my TOP 5 FAVORITE nail colors for fall, then please just keep on reading 🙂