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Boston Restaurants Perfectly Suited for a Carni-Vegan Duo??

If you have ever lived with somebody who leads a lifestyle pretty much completely opposite from your own, this is the list for you. Because of the fact that Silje and I have very different food preferences, we have had to do some work on our #TreatYoSelf weekend dinners. Luckily, Boston is filled to the brim with awesome vegan and (obviously) non vegan options that we have come to love and rely on when we both feel like shelling out some cash on something special. From pizza to pasties to- yes- grilled cheese, we’ve got it all.



Oath Pizza: As native New Yorkers, pizza is something that is close to our hearts. From the warmth to the gooey-ness to the overall comfort of a killer pie, pizza has by far been one of the hardest things for me to give up. Luckily, Boston’s Oath Pizza is one of few companies that actually offer vegan options. Just this past weekend, Silje and I took it upon ourselves to hit up the Fenway branch and give it a go. While it wasn’t anything similar to a classic New York slice, Oath Pizza was satisfying and delicious. Not to mention, it was clearly overall healthier than a standard pizza place, making us feel a tiny bit less guilty about the indulgence.



Cornish Pasty Co: When I think of an Irish pub with Cornish Pasty’s, I (shockingly enough) don’t usually expect there to be anything for me to eat. But not when it comes to the Boston Cornish Co.! With traditional recipes on the menu for all meat lovers, finding out that they had a Vegan Vindaloo option pretty much made my heart swell. Rich, delish and an awesome local find—this is one place you HAVE to check out!



Veggie Galaxy: Ok, ok. The name of this place doesn’t exactly fit the “Carni” portion of Carni-V-egan, but I’d bet my savings that that won’t matter. A vegetarian based diner with the option to make anything vegan, this is probably my all time favorite breakfast place in Boston. AND my chicken loving sister is a fan as well—we even went on her birthday! I’m a lover of French toast, pancakes and waffles and trust me, this place does NOT disappoint. They also have a slew of egg options for anyone not completely willing to take the fully vegan plunge. And did I mention that they have a fully vegan bakery which includes numerous vegan cheesecakes and donuts? If that doesn’t seal the deal I don’t know what will.



Roxy’s Grilled Cheese: Last up is a place that, unlike Veggie Galaxy, doesn’t scream vegan. I mean, when you think of grilled cheese a veggie based diet doesn’t exactly come to mind. HOWEVER, they actually have a fully vegan section on their menu! With everything along the lines of a classic grilled cheese, to a buffalo tofu melt, to the KM with guacamole and caramelized onions, Roxy’s is comfort foods finest.


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