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Makeup for People Who Hate Makeup

As much of a makeup hoarder, wearer and lover as I am, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with a full face of product- especially in the warmer months. But even on the most sluggish of days, I like to add the bare minimum to enhance my complexion without going to too much trouble. For those of you who hate a heavy face of makeup, here are my favorite products that will help you achieve a fresh, lightweight and natural look.

nyx born to glow illuminating primer review dupe

One of my favorite ways to reduce how much makeup I have to wear to look alive and awake is to start off with a natural yet illuminating primer or moisturizer. My favorite option is the NYX Born To Glow Primer, as it adds a light sheen to the skin that instantly perks up the complexion without looking greasy or sweaty. Instead it gives you that perfect “glow from within” dew.


3-15-16 300.JPG

Next up is totally optional, and is a step that I often skip when I’m not feeling a full on makeup look. BUT, for those of you who are wanting a base coverage, I would recommend using a tiny dot of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream on the cheeks, forehead and chin. This is definitely a thicker consistency, but when applied sparingly with a sponge, it gives you a beautiful even complexion without feeling or looking heavy at all.



When it comes to light makeup days, I typically skip the base and jump from primer straight to concealer. My favorite concealer option of people who hate makeup would definitely be the NARS Complete Conceal Soft Matte Concealer. Because this is a creamy, solid and matte concealer, it won’t leave that heavy feel that liquid concealers often do. On top of that, it gives a beautiful natural finish and doesn’t need to be set down with powder. I just dab this under my eyes, on the corners of my nose and on any blemishes, and this combined with the glowy base from the NYX primer leaves you with a stunning lightweight and evened out base.



To add a little bit of color and life back to the skin, I suggest going in with a cream blush, as it will keep your skin looking dewy and natural rather than cakey and heavy. An awesome option that I recommend checking out would be the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee (my favorite shade is berry bliss or poppy paradise). This product is pretty much exactly as advertised and gives an absolutely gorgeous watercolor effect to the cheeks- a light tint of lively color. This product is best applied with the fingers or a stipple brush, making it the perfect option for a girl on the go.



Now, to top off this natural skin look, is highlight. Like blush, I can sometimes find powder options to look heavier or more intense on the skin, so when I’m going for a natural look I love stick or cream options. Right now my favorite product would be the Wet n’ Wild MegaGlo Highlight Stick in 008. This can be applied directly to the face, making it quick and easy, and gives a beautiful pearlescent sheen with almost a wet/dewy finish. STUH-NNING



As for eyes, I would just recommend a light coat of your favorite mascara. Honestly, whatever you like best will work just fine, but if you want it to look as natural and subtle as possible, I would say pick it up in a brown shade the next time you go shopping. That way, your lashes will be defined without looking overdone and out of place with your natural skin.



For brows, when I’m in a rush or sick of wearing makeup, I love running the Soap and Glory Brow Archergy Volu-Boost Gel through my hairs. With it’s tiny brush and fibrous consistency, this gel boosts your brows without even trying and gives an instantly fuller look, while keeping them feathery and not too structured.



Last up, for a simple and easy to wear lip option that gives you a natural looking but enhanced pout, I would suggest something along the lines of the Glossier Generation G Lip Tint, or it’s affordable counterpart from Colourpop, the Blotted Lip. I’ve never actually tried the Colourpop option, but it seems to be along the same lines as Glossier in that it is a sheer, matte lip tint. Almost like a matte tinted lip balm. This is my absolute favorite thing to wear on a daily basis as it is barely there, doesn’t smudge and doesn’t require re-application. Low maintenance makeup at it’s finest.


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