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Ordinary or Extraordinary | The Ordinary Serum Foundation REVIEW

With a 25,000 person waiting list, it has been years since I’ve seen such mass excitement for a beauty product. The Ordinary, which is owned by Deciem, is a company that has built its brand around the idea of no frills and getting straight to the point. Basically, The Ordinary markets itself as a company that offers high quality products at an incomparably low price. That combination is achieved by using extremely basic packaging, and putting little money into price—which allows them the opportunity to use high grade ingredients. With it’s recent release of “The Colours” – which includes a Serum Foundation and a High Coverage Foundation—the hype surrounding The Ordinary products has boomed. But is it worth it? That’s the real question. To find out, just keep reading…

In short, yes this foundation is worth it. But we’re here fore the in depth stuff right? So let’s get to it.

As always, I’m going to start off by giving you a quick guide to my face:

  • Very Pale (I almost always purchase the fairest foundation shade in a collection)
  • Extremely dry in the Winter, but combination in the Summer
  • If I ever get oily, it is around my nose
  • Hyperpigmentation from previous acne scars
  • Occasional pimples, usually on the chin area

Now (also as always) let’s take a look at the claims of the foundation:

  • $6.70 (OMG)
  • 21 shades available
  • lightweight feel with a natural look
  • offers medium to moderate coverage
  • highly saturated pigment with high levels of spreadability
  • SPF15
  • Semi-Matte
  • 3 Shades or more will match most skin tones


Starting off with packaging, the serum foundation comes in a small plastic bottle, that is a tad bit dinky feeling, but in all honesty I actually quite enjoy the simplicity, and the fact that it is easy to travel with.With a pump that is relatively easy to control (it’s a bit spotty) I find the overall packaging vibe to be minimalistic and practical, yet still pretty aesthetically pleasing.

Moving on to the shade range, it’s safe to say that The Ordinary has their bases covered. With 21 shades available, and 3 different undertone options, the Serum Foundation really does seem like it has an option for everyone. Though I haven’t seen all the shades in person, I would say that there could be a few more deep shades added. I personally have the fairest shade 1N, which is a pretty spectacular match. And that’s coming from a gal who, more often than not, relies on white foundation mixers even for the lightest shade options available. N, which stands for the yellow undertone, gives a perfect warm yet neutral appearance to the skin without making me look orange or sallow.


In terms of application, the Serum Foundation has an incredibly watery consistency (reminiscent of the glossier skin tint) and is therefore best applied with a brush, but a sponge smooths out the potential brush streaks beautifully. Another claim that hits the nail on the head is that of it being highly saturated pigment with high spreadability. Due to the liquidy consistency, I was anticipating a sheer to light coverage, but oh boy was I wrong. I would definitely consider this to be a medium to high medium coverage with potential for buildability. As a whole, I usually use 1 pump for both my cheeks, and a second small pump for my chin and forehead. By doing this, I am able to achieve medium coverage, while still allowing my natural skin to peek through.

As for the finish, I wouldn’t exactly back up the semi matte claim. While it isn’t necessarily dewy, I think a more accurate description would simply be “natural” as it looks like and blends into the skin seamlessly. I will note, however, that even on my dry skin I saw oil peaking through around my nose by the end of the day. Because of that, I wouldn’t call this, or recommend this as, a long-wear foundation- but instead perfect for everyday wear.

So, in case you can’t yet tell, I am quite enamored with this foundaiton. I would say that The Ordinary Serum Foundation and the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream are now my 2 staple base products. And because they are so drastically different in terms of consistency, I can say that if these were the only two foundations I could have for the rest of my life, I would be happy.

So, overall I’m a fan and I fully support the hype. For future reference, I am in the midst of testing out a few of The Ordinary’s skincare products, which I will hopefully have a review up for relatively soon.

If you’ve tried out this foundation, don’t forget to let me know your thoughts below!

Have a great day,

-Love, Lieve



  1. Really keen to try this product! I’m also very fair so it can be difficult to not only find something light enough but with the right undertones. Great review 🙂

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