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Shopping My Stash | 5 Rediscovered Former Favorites

When it comes to beauty products I, like many others, can get caught up in new releases, trying new products, and pretty much everything new new new. However, sometimes I forget that I’m a hoarder of some pretty great makeup to begin with. Over the past month or two I’ve been making a serious effort to shop my stash and revisit some former favorites. So if you’re interested in seeing the products I have rediscovered recently, just keep on reading…

  1. Urban Decay Aura: Ahhh highlight…. Where would the beauty world be without you. Especially with the warmer weather approaching, I’ve been really into a fresh and glowy skin routine lately, and as I was shopping my stash, I found my good ol’ Urban Decay highlight in the shade “Aura”. What I love about this shade in particular is that it gives off (and don’t be scared by this) a bit of a “natural duo-chrome glow”. I would describe this as a sheer pink with a cool shift in the sun—perfect for anybody looking for that stunning spring sheen.

2. Elizabeth Arden Bronzing Duo: Again, as the warmer weather encroaches, I’ve been trying to start using more bronzer lately—just to give a warm spring glow. Becaues of how fair I am, I tend to stay away from excessive bronzer in the winter months as the contrast can look pretty drastic on my skin tone. However, in my quest to use the makeup I already own, I found my beloved Elizabeth Arden Bronzing duo. What I love (and missed) about this bronzer is that it’s a perfect in-between of matte and shimmer, and therefore gives a perfect healthy glow. With a light hand, this is a fabulous warm bronzer for those of use with paler skin.

3. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Pale Pink: Quick semi-rant here: As lovely and entertaining as the current beauty-community-sphere is, I feel that it can sometimes influence us to have preconceived notions regarding certain products, techniques, brands etc. Basically, I feel as if the beauty community is maybe possibly definitely creating an idea of “beauty rules,” when in reality—makeup is makeup and there is not wrong or right. With that being said, I feel like cream blush has a bit of an “I don’t like it even though I’ve never tried it” stigma. And oh boy is that the wrong attitude! Cream blush is one of the best ways to achieve a natural flush, and is perfectly easy to work with. When I rediscovered my beautiful Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in “Pale Pink,” which is a cool tone pastel beauty, I immediately regretted our time apart. In the month of March, my go-to look was a light layer of foundation, a bit of concealer, brows, mascara, and BOOM. This guy. The perfect Spring flush that I suggest everyone check out (with SO MANY SHADES).

TooFacedChocolateBar3.jpg4. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: As much as I love makeup, I’m not really one to dabble to much in the sphere of eyeshadow. As a college student who doesn’t have a ton of time in the morning, I tend to skip the shadow step. But, again, in an effort to actually use the pile of products I own, I broke out the Chocolate Bar Palette once more. I’m not going to lie, I’m still not an everyday shadow wearer, but the Chocolate Bar Palette is by far my favorite eyeshadow palette out there. With a slew of perfectly neutral browns, pinks and golds, I happily rediscovered how fabulously versatile this bad boy is. (My favorite shades in the palette are: Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Haute Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate)

5.NYX Banana Powder: [insert one million heart-eyed emojis here]. As a gal with some dry-ass skin, I can have a pretty hard time finding powders that I can get truly attached to. But oh hot damn, this powder is magical. Supremely finely milled, with a perfect light-banana shade that won’t look like a giant yellow patch under the eyes, the NYX Banana Powder smooths out the skin and leaves you looking purely poreless and HD. I have yet to try the translucent shade for all over the face, but I am SO glad I brought back the banana for #killerundereyes.

That’s it for today’s post guys! I hope you enjoyed and I hope this encouraged you to shop your stash and save your money. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the makeup world as of late, and am trying to do a bit of a reflection on what I already own. Anyway, don’t forget to let me know your favorite stashed products down below!

Hope you have a great day,

-Love, Lieve


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