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The BEST Winter Nail Shades | 2016


  1. Essie “Flashed”: Nothing says holiday season like statement red nails! Essie’s gel polish “Flashed” is the perfect poppy red that will be sure to get you a festive mood.


2. OPI “Cosmo With a Twist”: Does this scream New Years or what! OPI’s Cosmo With a Twist is a perfect navy blue with an iridescent shine of purple and silver. Cosmo With a Twist is the color I will be rockin come New Years and will make anybody wearing it feel… (get ready for a corny joke)…out of this world.


3. China Glaze “Glistening Snow”: LOOK AT THE SHINE. China Glaze “Glistening Snow” is just about the ultimate winter nail shade. A crazy shiny silvery white, this polish will instantly turn you into a ice queen snow princess lady.


4. Essie “Who’s the Boss”: For those of you who are looking for something a bit more subtle, Essie’s “Who’s the Boss” is the polish for you! An icy, minty blue, this Essie shade is for when you’re feeling calm, cool and collected.


5. Butter London “Bit Faker”: Glitter Glitter Christmas Dinner! I mean… come on! Glitter polish is perfect for the winter months and what better shade to rock than Butter London’s “Bit Faker”? A coppery gold, this polish will get you in the holiday spirit.

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