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How to Wear a Bold Lip and What Colors to Choose

Lieve’s Top Tips for Wearing a Bold as Heck Lip Color:

1. Keep The Eyes Simple:

While makeup is totally personal expression and up to the wearer, I personally stick to the rule of keeping things balanced. Whenever I wear a bold lip, I always make sure my eyes are simple, neutral and light so that all attention is on my lips and so that my makeup doesn’t look overdone or out of control.

2. To Make it Daytime Appropriate Choose a “Neutral”

While crazy colors look cool no matter what the occasion, sometimes you may want your lips to be bold, yet still daytime appropriate. In this case, I tend to shy away from bright shades and pastels, and instead gravitate towards wacky shades that still fall under the “neutral” category. So, while I’m walking to class at 1 in the afternoon, rather than choosing a bright orange or a hot pink, I might instead grab a dark brown, metallic champagne, navy blue, or even black. That way, the color isn’t shocking, but is still attention grabbing.

3. Liquid Lipsticks Make Things Easier… But Aren’t the Only Option! 

Ever since Liquid Lipsticks became a thing, they have turned into a real lifesaver- especially when it comes to rocking a crazy color. A constant fear of any beauty junkie is looking in the mirror at the end of a long day and realizing your teeth had been covered in lipstick all day- especially when wearing a bold color. I love wearing colorful liquid lipsticks because you know it won’t smudge, you don’t have to reapply, and it will stay looking on point all day. However, don’t be afraid to try out a killer lip in the classic formula as well! Just remember to keep a compact with you in your bag and you’re good to go. And if you’re really scared of transfer? Just apply some translucent powder over top and it won’t budge.

4. Careful of Clashing!

Like I said before, makeup and clothes are all about personal expression- so don’t let what I’m about to suggest stop you from doing you. BUT: When it comes to wearing a bright or bold lipstick, I suggest keeping your clothing relatively tame and neutral. Lucky (ish) for me, I’m an incredibly boring dresser to begin with and my closet is already filled with grey’s, blacks, and creams which makes it about a million times easier to pick a lip color that won’t clash. Keeping your style neutral opens up a world of lip colors to choose from and allows you to rock just about anything.


Now that I’ve let you in on some of my secrets to pulling off a bold lip, I thought I would share with you some of my all time favorite, crazy, and colorful shades….


Maybelline Midnight Blue


Stila Como


Jouer Skinny Dip


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Electric Poppy.JPG

Charlotte Tilbury Electric Poppy


NYX Transylvania 

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope some of you found this helpful and inspired you to experiment with your makeup 🙂 If you have any questions feel free to ask down below!

Have a great day,

-Love, Lieve



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