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June Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites


NYX BB Cream: Ever since BB Creams became a thing, I have been on a hunt to find the perfect match for me. Considering I have the palest skin imaginable, quite a bit of scarring, and a combination skin type, my quest has mostly been shot to hell. That is, until I discovered the NYX BB Cream in the shade nude. Pale enough for my fair skin (though I will admit that it would probably be too dark for anyone lighter than me- if there is anyone lighter than me), with a solid light to buildable coverage, this has been my number one choice for everyday summer makeup.



Tarte Captivating: I think I’m probably the only person in the beauty community who can say this, but until recently, I have never tried nor owned a Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush. But oh boy was I missing out. Buttery to the touch and pigmented as can be, Tarte “Captivating” is a stunning nudey peach. Because Tarte blushes can be easily built up, I actually think this may be a good option for a number of different skin tones.



ABH Dipbrow Blonde: The Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade has been my go-to for years. However, since going platinum I have found that my usual “Taupe” shade has been looking a little too harsh against my features. In order to make my brows behave, I decided to try out the “Blonde” version instead. What I love about this shade is that it is only slightly lighter and slightly warmer than “Taupe” but still is an incredibly natural looking color. Even in contrast to my naturally darker brows, “Blonde” has been working perfectly.



Mally High-Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen in “Just Heaven”: In my opinion, Mally Beauty is by far one of the most underrated brands of all time. A few of my absolute holy grails hail from this lesser known company (such as the Mallys Glow Blush and the Mally Volumizing Mascara), and from the looks of it, I can tack on another Mally product to my favorites list. The Mally Lipgloss in the shade “Just Heaven” is pretty much summed up by the name itself. A stunning milky pink, “Just Heaven” is perfect on its own, or as a topper to a matte lipstick. With a beautifully creamy and non sticky formula, The Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pens are highly underrated.


Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.16.03 PM.png

Trolley Ankle Bootie: Though it’s summer and everyone is all about the sandles, flip flops, and flats, I can never seem to tear myself away from boots. This month, I have been obsessing over my new pair of Trolley Ankles Booties. A Cognac Burnished Leather with a relatively wearable heel, I have actually been finding that these bad boys are pretty wearable even in the summer. Throw on a colorful dress and a jean jacket, and these booties will be sure to complete the outfit!



The Book of Speculation: A book that I have been enjoying this month has been “The Book of Speculation”. Because I am absolutely clueless about how to write a quick snippet that would summarize the book in an eloquent way, here’s a professional doing it instead…

“As Simon, a lonely research librarian, searches frantically for the key to a curse that might be killing the women in his family, he learns strange and fascinating secrets about their past. A tale full of magic and family mystery, The Book of Speculation will keep you up all night reading.”―Isaac Fitzgerald, BuzzFeed



“Outlander”: Last but most certainly not least is my absolute obsession. After my sister had been trying to persuade me for almost an entire year to begin watching the Starz show that involves just about every genre imaginable, I finally caved and now there’s no looking back. Based on the hugely popular series of books by Diana Gabaldon, “Outlander” is the tale of a young war nurse who travels to Scotland on a second honeymoon, in hopes of reconnecting with her husband after being torn apart by WWII. However, as the protagonist, Claire, explores the gloomy Culloden Moor, she is mysteriously transported back in time to Jacobite Scotland and must maneuver her way through Highland life. In case you need anymore persuading, I’ll just let you know that within 3 days of discovering the show I finished the entire first season, within 2 weeks I finished the first book, and by the end of the month I was already finished with and caught up with the current season- Season 2. For anybody interested, I will leave the trailer to Season 1 Here:




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  2. Lexie says

    your hunt for a bb cream was my same problem too! no shade of brown ever matched me until i tried the nyx one too! & i definitely have to check out that book. great faves! 🤗

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