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Fragrantly Fresh: My Top 5 Perfume Picks

When it comes to completing an outfit, I personally believe that the final touch is that perfect waft of fragrance. Ever since I can remember I have loved the essence of perfumes– from the delicate bottle, to the musky scents.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my Top 5 all time favorite perfumes that I think everybody could use in their lives! Let’s get crackin’…

burberry-brit-sheer.jpg1. Burberry Brit Sheer: My numero uno has to go to my first “high end” perfume. Not only does it have a special place in my heart, but it has the love of my nose as well. Burberry Brit Sheer is the epitome of soft romance. Featuring top notes of yuzu and mandarin, middle notes of lychee and rapes, and base notes of peony, sweet pea, and white musk, this perfume is perfect for an everyday basis and adds a stunning waft of floral fragrance to the wearer. The packaging is also a major highpoint for me… With a soft pink frosted bottle and the classic Burberry design as an underlay, this is the perfect perfume for the modern woman.



2. Tocca “Cleopatra”: Next up is a more recent find- but a fabulous scent no less. As soon as I discovered Tocca Cleopatra, I knew that it would be a forever love. Inspired by the Mediterranean princess, Cleopatra, this scent absolutely captivates and controls the senses. What I love about this perfume in particular is that it is sweet and airy, yet is powerful without going overboard. This scent is infused with notes of bitter grapefruit, white jasmine, peach nectar, warm patchouli, golden amber, and rich vanilla musk. In my opinion, what stands out most to me is the perfect combination of bitter grapefruit, white jasmine, and warm patchouli. A perfect combination of sweet yet seductive.



3. Marc Jacobs “Daisy”: I know, I know. There is no need to go in depth over this perfume seeing as it is probably one of the most iconic scents in the world. That being said, it’s a classic for a reason. Marc Jacobs “Daisy” is a stunning scent that reminds me of simplicity, romance, and summer weddings. Daisy is a floral, yet musky fragrance that is fresh, feminine, and mysterious all at the same time. This fragrance is infused with notes of strawberries, violet leaf, pink grapefruit, gardenia, white woods, vanilla and musk. Out of all the notes included, I would say that the gardenia, white woods, vanilla, and musk are what stand out for me. This is a perfect scent for women of any age, and adds an immediate sense of femininity and maturity at the first spray.


4. Fragronard Parfumer “Marche aux Fleurs”: This next scent is perfume that will make you feel as if your are standing in the middle of an overflowing garden. Marche aux Fleurs, by Fragonard, is a floral fragrance filled with notes of blackcurrant, sweet pea, lily of the valley, jasmine, and a hint of musk. In my opinion, the best thing about this scent is that it isn’t overly musky or masculine, and is filled with the natural fragrances of flowers. However, while most people assume that flowery scents are “immature” or “young”, this specific perfume has a definite sense of maturity. I highly recommend anybody try this out if you are a lover of sweet scents, yet don’t want to over do it.



5. Juicy Couture “Eau De Parfum”: Juicy Couture Eux De Coutour is a stunning floral/fruity fragrance that really encapsulates the idea of a woman coming of age. With top notes of passion fruit, marigold, and mandarin, and base notes of caramels, vanilla, and creme brulee, this is a scent that I find perfect for any woman transitioning from youthful scents to more mature fragrances. Because there are noticeable fruit and floral notes, yet an underlying base of warmth and musk, this perfume will suit anybody who doesn’t like overtly mature scents. I find this perfect for anybody my age (19) who wants to class it up without becoming an old lady in the process.

That’s it for my favorite perfume breakdown everyone! I hope you enjoyed and discovered a new scent to splurge on 🙂

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Have an awesome day,

-Love, Lieve



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