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My Top 5 Foundations!

Foundation is probably my favorite makeup product of all time. I love the confidence it brings the wearer, and the flawlessness of the skin it provides. However, since I am indeed a foundation junkie, I have seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Today I’m going to be sharing with you the 5 best foundations I have ever used, as well as my thoughts on them. I hope this helps and you enjoy reading!




1.Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish: For the past three years, the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation has been the top dog in my outlandish foundation collection. At $50, it doesn’t come at a cheap price, but at least it makes you look like a million bucks. This is a full coverage, moisturizing, and (as the name suggests) long wearing foundation that gives the most beautiful “natural” look to the skin. With a comfortable formula, this foundation is full of hydration while still being oil free, and never looking cakey. Though it is full coverage and oil free, I think a mistake that could easily be made with this foundation is layering on too much. This particular product is relatively thick, and while it never looks cakey, if you apply too much it can be quite noticeable. But in reality, the full coverage and the ability to make skin look flawless can be achieved with only 2 pumps max. Although the Bobbi Brown website actually recommends this for those with normal-oily skin types, this I have to disagree with. I personally have dry skin and am beyond in love. Because of the hydration this foundation supplies, I would personally not recommend this for those with extra oily skin, but instead with anybody who has dry-combination. Overall, this is my favorite foundation of all time, and is as close to perfect as it gets.



2. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint: Next up is Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. I know, this is sold as a tinted moisturizer, but for me personally, I find that this gives a solid medium to full coverage with only a pea sized drop. This mousey texture is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable on the skin, and rarely cakes up on my dry patches. As I mentioned before, I generally have very dry skin, but this “matte” foundation glides on like a dream and allows me to achieve that flawless, matte look without irritating my face. When applied with a brush, the Matte moisture tint provides a heavy medium coverage, verging on full. However, should you apply this foundation with a brush you will notice that it feels far heavier on the face than when applied with the fingers or a beauty blender. This is probably my all time favorite product to wear in the summer because of how natural it looks on the skin, while still providing that full coverage that I love. I personally have this in the shade “Linen” (the second lightest shade) which is too dark for me in the winter months, but gives a gorgeous glow in the spring and summer. But because of how much I love the feel and look of this, I think I’m going to have to splurge on a second bottle to match me during this time of the year. #obsessed.


31601.png3. Makeup Forever Face and Body: I’ve already done a full, in depth review on the Makeup Forever Face and Body foundation (read it here), so I’ll keep this a bit more brief. This lightweight, gel based formula is absolutely magical at evening out the skin tone. Though only a very sheer coverage, this foundation somehow has a way of making the skin look absolutely photoshopped and flawless. While the Bobbi Brown foundation is something I would personally wear for special occasions, the MUFE Face and Body is ideal for everyday use due to its lightweight feel, natural finish, and the fact that it can last through a rainstorm.



4. Revlon Colorstay: Moving onto the drugstore realm of makeup, one of my favorite options is the Revlon Colorstay in the dry-normal formula. This is probably the fullest coverage you can find at the drugstore, and by far the most long lasting. But one of my favorite things about this particular product, is the color range. This product does not discriminate, and offers a wide array of colors that would suit just about anyone. The lightest shade in the collection is my personal perfect match, and is also the only drugstore shade that is actually pale enough to match my neck. I will say, however, that I find the dry-normal skin formula FAR better quality than the combo-oily, which I find cakes up significantly more. All in all, if you’re looking for a full coverage foundation at a reasonable price, this would be my number one recommendation.



5. Rimmel Lasting Finish: My second drugstore recommendation has to go to the fabulous Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. This is also a full coverage, long wear product that will give you a stunning satin finish and make your skin look incredibly flawless. Between the two, I actually much prefer the finish that the Rimmel foundation gives due to its lack of cakiness, and subtle glow. However, one gripe that I have is the shade range (that doesn’t come close to the Revlon option). While the lightest shade does work for my pale skin, it comes with an extremely pink undertone. After applying the rest of my makeup, you don’t notice it as much and I can get away with it, but when given the option I much prefer a neutral-yellow undertone. Another pro to this foundation is the longevity. This lasts for a solid 8 hours, and even better- it fades beautifully. One of my least favorite things about full coverage foundations is that when they fade, it tends to be in patches. This however does not flake off but instead fades with grace. Another great foundation at a great price!


After lots of consideration and thought, there you have it. My 5 favorite foundations. If you guys have any specific questions on the products mentioned, feel free to ask down below!

I hope you’re all having a great day 🙂
-Love, Lieve



    • They’re both awesome choices! The Jouer one is nice for giving a matte finish, and the Rimmel one is awesome for when you want a little more dew 🙂


  1. I love the mix of brands you have here! Maybe you could do a post about the foundations that are ‘very ugly’ haha! It would be an interesting read! Have given you a follow as love your content 🙂 Check my blog out if you can!x


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