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King Contour: The Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book

Say what you want about Kimmy K., but there’s no denying the chick’s got a killer contour.

While trends often come and go by the week in the beauty industry, the practice of contouring looks like it’s here to stay. With it’s ability to instantly slim the face and add an extra “umph” of chiseled features, it’s hard to deny the fact that (if done right) contouring can make a huge difference to anyone’s appearance. While some may think it’s excessive, I personally love the look of a slightly sculpted face.

Due to the overflowing popularity of contouring, brands left and right have been producing what we now call “contour kits”. The most popular kits have come from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D., and Laura Mercier, but there’s one kit that is seriously lacking some much deserved hype. The Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book (Volume II).

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 1.26.02 AM.png

Although he is widely known for having the BEST contour shade around (that being the Sculpting Powder in medium), I haven’t heard a single person talk about the spectacularity of the Contour Book.

This specific kit comes with 2 contour products in the shade Medium (a powder and cream) and 2 highlight products in the shade Candlelight (a powder and cream). Let’s begin with the powder products.

The Medium Sculpting Powder straight up couldn’t be more perfect. An ashy brown, the shade of this powder almost exactly mimics the natural contour shadow’s on the face, and can work effortlessly on an impressively wide array of skin tones. This powder is incredibly finely milled and blends out stunningly. When using this product I choose to apply it with the Tarte Bronze and Glow Contour Brush. With the blending ability that comes with this product, I genuinely think it would be difficult to screw up.

Meanwhile, the complementary highlight powder, Candlelight, is also nothing short of gorgeous. This is a soft, white based champagne shade (and therefore would be best suited for fair skin tones) that adds not a stark, harsh highlight- but instead a soft glow. While many brands focus their highlighters on being extremely pearlescent and shimmery, the Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight powder instead adds an illuminating gleam. Again, it would be incredibly difficult to go overboard with this product.



Before addressing the cream products in this kit, I want to preface this by saying that I personally prefer powder contouring in general.

That being said, I do not enjoy the cream versions nearly as much as the powders, but they are still undeniably beautiful products. My favorite thing about the Sculpting Cream is how effortlessly it blends out. My biggest issue with cream contouring is that oftentimes the product will dry on the face before you actually get a chance to blend it out, and you are then left with a muddy, unblended streak. Instead, with this product, you have plenty of play time and generally don’t run the risk of it drying on your face.

And again, like the powder, the color of the cream couldn’t be more spot on, and universal.

As for the cream highlight, I will admit that this was probably the most disappointing part of this palette (but let’s be real, iz still gorg). I found this cream to be slightly more stiff than the contour shade, and it packs less of a punch than the powder highlight. Again, it must be acknowledged that I’m not a huge fan of cream contour/highlight so I really think that makes a big difference in my perception of the cream products in this palette. While I do prefer the powder products, however, I cannot deny that the creams are pretty much impeccable.

Last up, I thought I would quickly mention the shadow shades that this book offers. Sticking with the contour theme, the shades Kevyn Aucoin chose are absolutely stunning and some of the best quality I’ve ever tried. The book includes 4 shades: Brighten (a shimmery white), Starlight (a shimmery baby pink), Cool Tan (a perfect mid-tone brown), and Ruddy Earth (a deep burgundy brown).

These shadows hold extreme pigmentation, and even better- are some of the most bendable shadows out there. I also thought I would throw out there that “Brighten” has become my all time favorite inner corner/brow bone highlight and is a fantastic dupe for MAC “Shroom”.

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about this palette. The pigmentation and blend-ability is unmatched, and the contour shades are some of the most universally flattering out there. I highly HIGHLY recommend everyone check this stunner out.

Congratulations Kevyn. You have been crowned King Contour.


Thanks for reading guys! I really hope you enjoyed and I hope you’re all having a fantastic day ❤

-Love, Lieve


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