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Dreamy or Dreary: Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation Review

I think it’s safe to say that you always want what you can’t have. Well calling all dry skin ladies, your wishes are about to be granted: there is now a matte foundation just for you.

Recently I picked up the brand new Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation. This is the newest addition to Maybelline’s range of foundations, and after testing it out for about a week, I feel confident enough in my decisions to tell you guys my thoughts.


Starting off with packaging– this foundation comes in a standard 1fl oz tube with squeeze out application and a screw on top. Overall, I actually quite enjoy the look of this bottle. The design of the bottle is quite “on trend” with rose gold accents and an overall whimsical appearance. Best of all, it is nice and compact, and I can always appreciate a foundation that is hygienically packaged so that the germs from our hands can’t ruin our pretty little faces. The one downside to the packaging is that it comes in an opaque tube, in which you cannot see the foundation, and therefore the shade.

swatch of shade “05 Warm Porcelain”

Speaking of shades, this foundation has a range of 12 — the lightest being “Warm Porcelain” and the darkest being “Coconut”. As per usual, I use the palest shade, which is usually a downside for me when it comes to Maybelline face products. I have tested out multiple foundations from this brand, and almost every single time the palest shade in the range is too dark. With this particular foundation, while I don’t think it’s quite light enough for my snow skin, I definitely can still pull it off. My favorite thing about the shade range is that Maybelline clearly attempted to make the range more versatile. The two palest shades are “Porcelain Ivory,” which is a pale shade with a very pink undertone, and “Warm Porcelain,” which, again is very pale, but instead with a very yellow undertone. While I appreciate the attempt, I will say that I wish they would have toned each undertone down a little bit. When I say that they are very pink and very yellow, I mean VERY. It would have been a definite improvement if the shades leaned toward a more neutral side.

Now tackling the big part. The product itself.

This foundation is what Maybelline claims to be a “gel whipped formula” that is “hydrating and matte for a velvet smooth perfection”. This is rare when it comes to makeup, but I actually agree wholeheartedly with the claims that Maybelline makes. The texture of this foundation is incredibly bouncy, and lightweight with a creamy whipped formula. I would consider this foundation to be a solid medium coverage. I personally prefer to use a brush to achieve maximum coverage, rather than with a sponge as the website suggests.

This product really is a dry girl’s dream. I know that it’s typical for those of us with dry skin to want a gorgeous dewy look, but I personally LOVE the look of a flawlessly matte face, and have always struggled finding a foundation that would work with my desert dry skin. I would not consider this to be a 100% matte foundation, but instead, as Maybelline suggests, a demi matte or a “soft matte”. And the claim that this foundation gives a velvet feel to the face couldn’t be more true. This is incredibly comfortable to wear and makes your skin feel like a lil baby’s booty.

While it does give a soft matte look, I do not think I would recommend this to anybody with oily skin. Even on my dry skin, after a solid 2-3 hours, I do start to get a bit shiney and need to touch up with a blotting powder.

Another small complaint about this particular foundation is longevity. The website claims that the Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation gives the wearer hydration for up to 12 hours, and while that may be true, it doesn’t mean the actual foundation will last that long. On me, I would say this foundation gives about a 6 hour wear time before you start to look pretty disheveled.

Another thing to note is that I don’t find this to be particularly buildable. While an initial application evens out your skin tone BEAUTIFULLY, whenever I try to layer on the product, I do notice a small amount of caking. That being said, I think that this foundation gives a stunning skin like finish and should be used on a day to day basis rathe rather than a night out. And for days like those, I find the coverage to be pretty perfect.

Overall, I give this foundation two thumbs up. Like anything, it does have a few drawbacks, but I love the feel, look, and overall finish that this foundation provides. If there was an addition of a couple neutral shades, and the formula was tweaked just a tiny bit to last longer, I would probably consider this one of my favorites. It is by far my favorite foundation I have tried from Maybelline in general.

If you were thinking about trying out this foundation, I say go for it! I was pleasantly surprised 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this review, and as always, feel free to ask any questions down below!

Have a great day everyone,

-Love, Lieve


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