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Nailed it: Top 5 Winter Nail Shades

Ahh Winter. A time for family, friends, and our favorite glitzy glam seasonal nail polish. This time of the year always offers the perfect opportunity for playing around with fun and exciting polish shades, and let me tell you- that’s just what I do.

Check out my Winter Nail Favorites!

Essie Virgin Snow 1.JPG

1. To start off the list, I thought I would mention my current obsession when it comes to nails. And that is Essie’s “Virgin Snow”. An icy, frozen lavender shade, this color is that perfect off white shade but with a twist. Rather than pulling creamy or pinky, Essie chose to incorporate a stunningly pristine lavender. Though I’m sure this isn’t what most people immediately think of when it comes to Winter shades, this polish absolutely screams Winter Wonderland.


2. Next up on my list of favorites has to go to Color Club “What a Drag”. This metallic silver is by far the most opaque metallic glitter shade I have ever had the pleasure to use in my entire life. One swipe and you have a full impact shine. Plus- does this scream holiday party or what?

Wet Cement1

3. No matter the season, you know I gotta throw in a neutral. At $1.99 the Wet Wild megalast Nail Colors are by far the most underrated enamels out there. With intense pigment and a perfectly fat brush, this is actually one of my favorite nail formulas. And my favorite color? Wet Cement. Yes, that’s really the name. But oh dear god, is this beautiful or what. Rather than wearing a warm neutral, in the Winter I love a good cool tone grey. And this is as perfect as it gets.

opi happy anniversary swatch

4. Fourth on my list of faves has to go to the stunning “Happy                   Anniversary” by OPI. This shade literally just that perfect whimsical   winter silver. With this particular shade, you can either put it over a   white or neutral base for a hint of pizazz, or you can layer on 2-3 coats of this alone for a shine visible from space. Overall this is simply an absolutely stunning color, and there is no better time than to wear this in Winter.


5. Last up on the list is “Lady Muck,” by Butter London. This formula is by far my favorite out there due to it’s high pigment and intense longevity. Out of all the polishes I own, nothing lasts longer than the Butter London Brand. And when it comes to winter shades, this couldn’t be more spot on. A powdery, periwinkle-blue that teeters on the grey side, Lady Muck is infused with a pearlescent pigment that offers a stunning sheen to amp up your holiday season.

That concludes my Winter Nail Favorites everyone! As always, I hope you enjoyed reading, and please feel free to let me know what your favorites this winter have been!

Have a wonderful day guys!

Love, Lieve



  1. OMYDAYS!! The Essie virgin snow shade is absolutely gorgeous! I need it! It’s the perfect shade for winter (but I would probably end up wearing it all year round because it’s so cute!)
    Kristy X


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