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My Top 5 YouTube Guru’s | The Best of the Beauty Tutors

Is there anything better than waking up late, staying in bed, and binging on your favorite YouTube channel?

The answer? Nope.

With hundreds of new beauty bloggers popping up everyday, it can be hard to keep track of the good and the bad. Today I’m going to be sharing with you who I have narrowed down to my 5 Favorite beauty YouTubers!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 3.26.16 PM.png

  1. First up is the stunning Kathleenlights. Kathleen is the type of person whose bubbly personality will instantaneously put you in a good mood. And her insane makeup skills don’t hurt either. Kathleen separates herself from most beauty YouTubers by posting consistently 3 times a week- Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But the best thing about Kathleen is that she feels and acts like a friend. And yes, I know she’s just a picture on a screen to most of us, but watching her videos feels like talking to a friend- and it doesn’t get better than that.


2. Next up is the gorgeous Allana Davison (aka Allanaramaa). Watching this Canadian beauty blogger’s videos is basically the equivalent of switching on Comedy Central. Allana is absolutely hilarious, quirky and relatable, and her honesty in her reviews is something truly hard to find on YouTube. Being somebody who always saves best for last, as odd as it is, I always make a point to watch Allana’s videos and Snapchats after the rest of my subscriptions as to be sure to end my YouTube binging on a high note.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 3.10.02 PM.png

3. The third YouTuber I need to mention was actually a find through Allana Davison- and that is Elanna Pecherle. It’s kind of absurd to think that somebody this beautiful actually exists in the world. Like… How. Elanna is a makeup guru who has worked for the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills and Urban Decay. And as much as I LOVE her tutorials and reviews, watching Elanna’s Monthly Vlogs, and her Snapchats through Northern Ireland is always the highlight of the end of the month for me. Plus she seems like an absolute sweetheart!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 3.11.12 PM.png

4. The next YouTuber on my list of loves is thataylaa. What makes me love Taylor so much is her straightforward attitude. Being somebody who has struggled with severe cystic acne myself (and who is white as a ghost), watching Taylor discuss her own skin troubles and how she deals with them is insanely refreshing. Whenever I need to know if something is going to break me out or be pale enough for my oh so pasty skin, I know I can rely on Taylor. #baerritos for life.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 3.16.29 PM.png

5. Lastly on my list of favorite Beauty Vloggers is the oh so charming Emily Fox. Emily is a French Canadian who has the most to die for hair and lips on the planet. And as jealous as I am of her full pout, she puts it to good use. If you want to see any swatch of any lipstick ever created, she’ll have it. I’m 99% sure Emily has more tubes of lipstick than all of my makeup products combined. And that is  seriously saying something. For somebody who both attends school and works, Emily deserves a massive round of applause for her consistency and quality when it comes to producing videos. Keep it up girl!


There you have it. My obsessions, my tutors, and the reason I procrastinate on all of my papers. I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 beauty bloggers, and I would love to find out who you guys like as well!

Have a great day guys,

Love, Lieve




  1. I love Allana! But I’ve never heard of Elanna Pecherle though! I don’t think I’ve seen any of Emily Fox’s videos either!
    Have you watched KaushalBeauty, ReadySetGlamour, and From Head to Toe? Another Canadian to mention, she does more fashion-lifestyle related videos than beauty and she is also a vlogger, Laura Reid!


  2. I love Kathleen! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Kim Thai and Nikki Tutorials. My all time favorite, most informative and out of the box Youtuber is Tati from GlamLifeGuru. She is amazing! I HIGHLY recommend.


  3. I love Kathleen but haven’t seen much of the other gurus on your list- I’m definitely going to be checking them out. My fave is Tati and I really like Rachhloves. Both are fun and lively gurus 😊


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