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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review

What’s better than a piece of chocolate you ask? Easy. A Chocolate Bar.

One of the most hyped products in the world of cosmetics, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is known for satisfying a makeup lovers sweet tooth. But just how well does it live up the the hype surrounding it? I’m here to tell you on a scale of to Squished Rolo to Toblerone, just how good the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette really is.Chocolate Bar.png


To start off- I have a few thoughts on the packaging.

While, conceptually, I think this is an absolutely adorable, ingenious design, in reality it just ain’t that practical. The large tin container makes it difficult to lug around and store in my (already overflowing) makeup drawer. And the lack of travel friendly packaging is actually quite a shame- the colors in this palette are so versatile and perfect for everyday looks that, were it not for the packaging, this would be my go-to travel palette.

That being said, it sure is cute to display.

Now. Let’s talk product.

With 16 (yes, SIXTEEN) shades in this palette, you get almost double that of a typical eyeshadow palette, which usually come with about 9-12 shades.Made of a unique blend of real cocoa powder, the heavenly chocolate experience hits you as soon as you open the palette as a dreamy waft of chocolate tickles your senses.

And what makes this even better? The shades are P.I.G. PIGMENTED.

Featuring a slew of natural browns, delicate pinks, and luscious plums, this palette is perfect for creating anything from a daytime, work appropriate look to a dramatic plummy smokey eye. One of my personal favorite things about the shades in this palette is that there are two extra large highlight shades- one matte and one shimmer. The shimmer highlight, called Champagne Truffle, is a stunning soft pink that adds the va va voom to any look. Meanwhile, the matte highlight, called White Chocolate, is a buttery cream shade perfect for acting as a base or for a subtle brow bone highlight.

In my opinion, the matte shades in this palette take the cake. Richly pigmented, and smooth as a baby’s butt, these shades are absolutely stunning. That’s not to say I’m not a fan of the shimmer shades as well, but I do have just a few issues with them…

While every matte shade has the same quality and pigmentation, I can’t say the same for the shimmer shades. Sure, the soft neutral ones are absolutely stunning (my favorites are champagne truffle, marzipan, creme brulee, and haute chocolate). BUT, alas I did find the darker shimmer shades to be a bit lackluster.

In swatching shades like Gilded Ganache and Candied Violet (a green and a violet) I noticed that the colors were not true to pan. Rather than having the intense pigmentation I was expecting, they were a tad bit rough and ended up looking the slightest bit muddy.

Though those few shades didn’t quite meet my standards, I can still happily call this one of my holy grail palettes.

Whether you’re makeup obsessed, or couldn’t care less about cosmetics, this palette has something for everyone.

As the man from Spongebob once said…


Consider me obsessed.

-Love, Lieve


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