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Best of Beauty: My Top 5 Mascaras

Makeup is an incredibly personal thing. What works for some people, doesn’t work for others, and what some may love, others may easily hate.

Mascara is generally the most commonly used makeup product out there- and with good reason. A simple and quick sweep through the lashes opens up the eyes and enhances the wearers natural beauty.

However, since makeup is so personal, it can be difficult to find a mascara that is universally friendly.

That being said, in today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you my TOP 5 mascaras of all time. In my opinion, these 5 products are the best of the best and are as close to perfect as it gets.

First up is my ride or die…

  1. Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara: This is without a doubt the best mascara I have ever used in my entire life. With a classic full brush, this mascara gives me massively volumized lashes without any nasty clumping. I’m not going to lie, I naturally do have relatively thick lashes, but every single time I wear this mascara I get asked if I’m wearing falsies. There is a combination of natural waxes and powders in this mascara that are formulated to give your lashes an immediate boost. And OH BOY DO THEY BOOST.                                                    
  2. Maybelline Lash Sensational: My number 2 pick was thisclose to being my number 1 (I just couldn’t deny my love for Mally). Anybody who’s up to date with drugstore makeup most likely knows that this has been making the rounds in the beauty world. Hands down, this is the best drugstore mascara I have ever discovered. If you want fluttery, curled, butterfly lashes- you need to get your hands on this bad boy. This mascara has a curved wand with one side of shorter bristles and one side with longer. I love using the short bristles to apply my first coat because it really gets to the root of the lashes and coats every single  hair. Then, taking the longer side, I fan out my lashes for that perfect butterfly look.                                  
  3. CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion: This is an absolute classic. All throughout high school and my first year of college, this was my go-to mascara. With a full brush and stiff plastic bristles, the wand on this mascara allows the product to really grab onto your natural lashes and enhance them. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is amazing at lengthening my lashes, but overall this is perfect for a day to day basis.          
  4. Mirenesse iCurl Mascara:         Straight off the bat, I just gotta say it- this isn’t worth the money. At 30 bucks, this mascara has quite the price tag. That being said, the iCurl mascara is still in my top 5. With an extremely wet consistency and a thin, curved brush and natural bristles, this mascara is a dream at lengthening. This has the kind of formula that makes you look like you’re a natural beauty walkin’ out of a Jane Austen novel with no makeup. Weird description, I know- but it’s how I feel every time I wear this.                 
  5. BareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara: The bareminerals flawless definition mascara is fantastic for those of you who like more natural looking lashes. It doesn’t give you that spidery, Kim Kardashian effect, but still does an amazing job at defining each lash and making your eyes pop. Not my absolute favorite, but still a must have.


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