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Jaclyn Hill Fall Favorites Tag!

Hi everyone! Considering fall mania is at it’s peak, I decided to do Jaclyn Hill’s Fall Favorite’s Tag! (Shoutout to Robin’s Cup of Tea on YouTube for the tag!)

I personally love Jaclyn and her attitude towards everything, so I was really excited and enthusiastic to do my own version! SOOOO if you guys want to know what I love about fall then just keep on reading…

  1. Favorite Candle: Ok, this is probably going to get me into a whole lot of trouble so I’m just going to come out and say it. I don’t love candles. And before you all hate me, lemme explain! I’m a college student (where candles and flames are a big no no) so I don’t really get the chance to experiment with fun fragrances. One that I did have the chance to take a whiff of recently, however, was the Yankee Candle Crisp Morning Air. I’m not somebody who loves those super sweet scents, so this is perfect for me. It’s like taking a literally breath of fresh air. A+ in my book1342413
  2. Favorite Lip Color: To me, liquid lipsticks will never not be a thing. I’m somebody who despises the feeling of having something on their lips, so when this whole liquid lipstick trend started, I fell in love. However, liquid lipsticks tend to be way up there in price. That’s where Colourpop comes in. At only 6 dollars a pop, the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips offer a crazy array of color, and while some may think they’re drying (which they are), I personally think they’re worth it. And the one I gravitate towards the most you ask? At this time of the year, it’s gotta be LAX. I mean come on. Can you get more fall than that?LAX2
  3. Favorite Drink: This is actually an interesting one. I’m normally a girl who drinks straight up coffee. BUT. After watching Jaclyn rave about the Starbucks Toasted Graham Latte, I had to give it a go. The verdict? HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP IT’S DELICIOUS.LATTE ART copy_1
  4. Favorite Blush: This is an easy one. Bobbi Brown Nectar has been my absolute favorite fall blush for years now. It’s that perfect deep berry that isn’t too overwhelming, but still gives you that flushed “I was just out in the cold” look. This is a matte blush and genuinely looks beautiful an any skin tone. An absolute must have. s1291145-main-zoom
  5. Favorite Clothing Item: I’m the kinda gal who looooooves a good fall boot. My most worn have to be my Steve Madden Troopa’s in Wine Leather. They are a perfect, burgundy maroon wine (duh) color that perfectly encapsulates fall in my mind! Also, FLANNELS. ALL THE FLANNELS. (but that’s too cliche, right?)                                             steve-madden-boots1
  6. Favorite Fall TV Show: Friends. Not just for fall, but for life. All day, everyday, all month, all year. But for real, during the stress of fall midterms and exams, there’s nothing like Regina Phalange to put me in a better mood.pp32769-friends-milkshake-poster
  7. Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Soooo being a vegetarian, Thanksgiving isn’t really as exciting for me as it is for most people. Since I can’t eat a lot of Thanksgiving food, my Uncle actually makes the most BOMB homemade mac and cheese! This is seriously one of my favorite things of all time and I can never get enough!1033249144001_1288309307001_TJsMacCheese477x268
  8. Favorite Halloween Costume: I’m the jellyfish in the middle. Need I say more?1937272_1136166481252_3361460_n

Ok guys that’s it for the Fall Favorites tag! I hope you all enjoyed and I hope your fall is filled with pumpkin, spice, and everything nice!

-Love, Lieve


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