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A Beauty or A Bust: MAC Purple x9 Review

You know what they say, “good things come in small packages.”

Well, today I’m going to be testing that theory out on the (relatively) new Mac x9 eyeshadow palettes…

MAC-Eyeshadow-X9-palette_PurpleScreen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.19.57 PM

using purple x9

MAC Cosmetics is basically the holy grail of holy grail makeup brands. Everybody knows MAC, everybody’s tried MAC, and everybody loves MAC.

All in all, this brand is known for churning out winner makeup. Especially in it’s eyeshadows.

A single pan eyeshadow from MAC Cosmetics generally costs 16 bucks, and is 1.3 grams. Pricey, but as everybody knows- they’re some of the best shadow’s around. That’s why when I saw these new x9 palettes, I basically freaked out.

MAC released 5 different 9 pan palettes, with color coordinated shadows that cost an average of 40 dollars. With each pan being .8 grams, they are smaller than normal MAC shadows, but in my opinion, this is still an absolutely an awesome deal.

My overall thought is that this is an incredible concept. I know I’m personally hesitant to shell out 16 dollars for one shadow, but 40 dollars for 9 seems far more reasonable to me (at a 50 dollar value!). I also love how phenomenally perfect these palettes are for travel! The packaging is incredibly compact and quite sturdy as well.

While I do love these, I still have 2 small gripes with them…

First up is that there are really only so many looks you can do with these shadows. I know, I know. It’s kind of ridiculous for me to be saying this considering these palettes were specifically made to be color specific (purple x9, burgundy x9, navy x9). BUT it’s an important thing to factor in. If you aren’t a complete makeup junkie and just want a trusty palette to get you through anything, I would suggest skipping over these and instead going for something like the Naked Palette, or the Chocolate Bar Palette.

My second mini complaint has to do with the quality of the shadows. While they are still clearly high end and amazing quality, I feel like the shadows slightly lack the creaminess and pigmentation that the single pan shadows have. Then again, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Actually, I kind of like it (though I know many of you may not). Because I feel these lack normal MAC pigmentation, they’re a lot less nerve wracking to use. Just know that I do feel that the quality is slightly different.

Overall, I think that while these palettes are not necessary for the average woman to own, for anybody who love experimenting and playing with makeup they’re really a great concept. I love love love the packaging, I love the color options, and I love convenience. I personally own Purple x9, and while it’s not what I reach for everyday, whenever I do wear a look using these shadows, I never fail to receive a compliment.

You’ve done it again MAC, you’ve done it again

I hope you enjoyed guys! Have a wonderful wonderful day 🙂

-Love, Lieve


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