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The Best Fall Nail Polish

It’s that time of year again! I REPEAT: IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!

And by that, I mean it’s time to break open the dark and warm nail polishes! I love me a good neutral fall nail (with the occasional hint of pizazz) and I know tons of other people do as well.

So if you’re interested in seeing my TOP 5 FAVORITE nail colors for fall, then please just keep on reading 🙂

essie wicked1 (3)

  1. I thought I would start this post off by heading straight to the dark side of the world. My absolute favorite dark fall nail polish HAS to go to Essie’s “Wicked.” This is a perfect color for anybody who wants to wander into the world of black, without overdoing it. Deep, dark, and sinister, Wicked can pass for a world of colors. With hints of black, red, berry, and brown, this is the ultimate fall nail polish.butter-LONDON-Champers
  2. My #2 pick goes to Butter London’s nail varnish in “Champers.” An opaque and metallic rose gold champagne color, Champers is a perfect fall color for those who like to keep things neutral, but noticeable. In addition to the fact that this is one of the most beautifully unique colors I’ve ever seen, Butter London also has the most incredible formula when it comes to their varnishes. This lasts long over a week for me, and chips with grace. An absolute must have for this fall.4877834466_113c72fb49
  3. Next up is Sinful Colors “Vacation Time.” This polish is a stunning dusty rose color and is a perfect pink for this time of year. Neutral, with a hint of warmth, “Vacation Time” is a wonderfully feminine color that suits all skin tones to perfection.essie_2011spring024
  4. Polish numero cuatro is that PERFECT nude. And tbh it’s really a color that works for any season, but for some reason Autumn is always when I break it out the most. Essie’s “Sand Tropez” is an incredibly pigmented and opaque nude, gives the wearer longer, thinner looking fingers, and adds a touch of class. This is a perfect everyday nail color, and is without a doubt my favorite nude polish of all time.10809002_753829771365647_1980445078_a
  5. My final fall nail polish pick is actually from none other than Urban Outfitters. The shade “Spiked Punch” is that perfect blood red color that adds a bit of sass and sexiness to anyones life. Lets be real- we all have an ego boost when wearing red nail polish. And this color is perfect for supplying that.

That’s it for my favorite fall nails guys! I hope you enjoyed and have a fantastic fall season 🙂

-Love, Lieve



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